Creating a Demo Customer Account

You may use the Demo interface, to understand and evaluate the Customer Control Panel provided by DOMAIN.CO.IN.

To Create a Demo Customer Account

  1. Visit

  2. Fill up the form, and follow the steps thereafter to setup your Customer account.

    • Ensure that you provide an accurate email address, as the system sends you email notifications as you test your Control Panel.

    • The Sign-up form supports accented characters, except for the following fields:

      • Phone Number

      • Mobile Number

      • Fax Number

      • Username (Email Address)

      • Password

To Login and Add (Dummy) Funds to your Demo Customer Account

  1. Login to your Demo Customer Account from

  2. In the Menu, point to My Billing and click Add Funds to add Funds to your account.


    Adding funds to your account is required to test out the individual Products and Services we provide.

  • The Demo account may not function at all times, since some beta testing is also done on the demo account.

  • the Demo account is reset every day. All orders placed in the Demo account get automatically deleted every 24 hours.