Whois Data Verification

As per the Whois Data Accuracy Specification introduced by Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] and effective from 1 January, 2014, every Registrar is required to verify the email address of the Registrant contact for each gTLD domain name, within 15 days of:

  • a domain name being registered with unverified Registrant Contact email address,

  • a domain name being transferred in from another Registrar,

  • the Registrant Contact being replaced by a Contact with an unverified email address,

  • the email address of the Registrant Contact being modified to an unverified email address,


  • an unverified email address being associated with a domain name, after the domain name is moved to another Account.


Please note that this verification is not required for ccTLDs and only applies to gTLDs and nTLDs as they are governed by ICANN.

Accordingly, an email would be sent from the system to the Registrant Contact email address for verification, upon one of the above actions being performed.

If the Registrant Contact does not complete the verification process within 15 days, the domain name would be deactivated. It would then resolve to a page indicating the reason for the deactivation, alongwith instructions to activate the domain name. The domain name would be activated, once the verification has been completed.

During this 15 days duration as well as upon deactivation, it would be possible from within the Reseller / Customer Control Panel to:


  • update the Registrant Contact Details See details,

    AND / OR

  • re-send the verification email, in case the Registrant Contact has not received it.

To Re-send the Verification Email

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. Search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Information view. See details

  3. Click the Resend Email / Resend Verification Email button.


The above requirement is applicable for all gTLD domain names registered after 1 January, 2014. Domain names registered / transferred prior to this date are not subject to this verification process, unless the associated Registrant Contact email address is modified to an unverified email address.